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Developer: 金盛貴金屬

"Golday - Gold & Silver Mobile Trading Platform

Golday Precious Metals , wholly owned by the Golday Capital Group, is a member of the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) (Membership No. 047) engaged in bullion trading business. GOLDAY provides professional spot gold and spot silver online trading services and gives traders the highest standard of funds security, the privilege of 2-hour fast withdrawal, zero commission, spread rebates, flexible leverage, etc.

Golday Gold & Silver Mobile Trading Platform Benefits:
1.24 hours real-time spot gold & silver quotes
2.Live and demo trading
3.Zero-slippage market and entry orders
4.Gold price live chart and silver price live chart
5.View full trade history

You may login to the platform with your live or demo account at Golday. If you would like to open an account with us or to
view an extensive coverage of financial news and market commentaries and to stay up to date with upcoming announcements with the economic calendar, please visit call our client service hotline at 4000 999999

Golday Capital Group is a wealth management specialist that provides services for individuals and institutional clients
across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US. With a global network of investment professionals and with “Strategies for Wealth”
as our brand promise, RCPM strives to provide the best service and investment strategy support to our clients round-the-
clock. Come and join us now."